Edan Sonotrax Lite

Edan Sonotrax Lite
Model ED-SL
  • High quality built-in speaker
  • Includes 2 AA batteries
  • Includes small gel
  • includes hard-side carrying case
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Sale! $119.00
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The Edan SonoTrax Lite Doppler is a user-friendly fetal heart monitor for mothers or health care professionals to hear the sound of the fetal heartbeat.

  • Features built-in speaker

  • Choose a waterproof 3MHz (for early pregnancy) or waterproof 2MHz (for labor & delivery) probe

  • Handheld Doppler allows any user to comfortably hold the device while checking for the fetal heartbeat

  • The different modes allow you to use different intervals and time measurements for the FHR

  • Long life battery allows user 13 hours of continuous use or approximately a thousand 1 minute sessions

  • The Auto Shut Off feature turns unit off after 1 minute of no operation or no signal

  • Use the speaker with adjustable volume and/or listen through headphones

  • Can also use headphone output for recording to your PC

  • Free carrying case to hold Doppler and accessories

  • 1-year limited warranty

  • SonoTrax Lite comes in a set with a 3MHZ waterproof probe but can also support 2MHz, 4MHz, 5MHz and 8MHz probes.

    Weight: 0.7 lbs Measurements: 5.5" H x 3.5" W x 1.3" L